What will I learn?

This is training that anyone can apply, regardless of size, age, gender or experience. We train you to rely on the things you already know about your environment and how to use your surroundings to your advantage.

Staying safe in the modern world is about;

  • using a strategy to avoid victimisation and thinking your way out of trouble,
  • recognizing the signs we’ll show you and acting first,
  • developing the mindset and then using violence only as a means of escape or defence against a weapon,
  • knowing a few first aid skills that will keep you alive,

We will be acting fast to add more courses, as our users tell us their requirements. Trust us that we will only rely on proven experts to provide course guidance.

Right now we’re offering three courses that will help you avoid risk, deal with a violent confrontation and mitigate any injury that may occur. Take these courses together to give yourself the best chance when confronted with violence.

"I completed the Ultimate Self Defence course and it was exactly what I needed for the confidence to travel abroad and live alone."

- Nikki G

Pre Self Defence Nikki G Testimonial

Tell me more about the course

Ultimate Self Defence

Ultimate Self Defence is just that; the avoidance tactics you can apply before you ever need to defend yourself. When we apply these tactics well, we greatly reduce the potential for surprise encounters.

Avoiding violence is much better than being in any violent encounter, whether you win or lose.

In the course we;

  • discuss the way criminals select their victims, and how you can avoid being selected,
  • talk about the warning signs of violence and how to position yourself to escape,
  • plan and use your environment to make yourself too hard a target,
  • carry and use the one legal and multi-use self defence item we advise,

You’ll apply the lessons you learn on this course as soon as you walk out your door and every day from then onwards.

As a bonus, you will also have access to:

Immediate Self Defence

We know that despite your best efforts, you can’t totally avoid danger and somebody may still attempt to assault you. The Immediate Self Defence course shows you the tactics to quickly change a violent encounter.

You will learn;

  • How to adopt the mindset of defending yourself with violence,
  • When you have ‘permission’ to act violently,
  • How to apply violence in different circumstances,
  • How to spot your escape and act,

Defensive First Aid

In this course we’ll show you how to apply first aid if you’ve received an injury in a violent encounter. We concentrate on continued safety and applying fast but effective medical interventions to extend your life and get you out of danger. You don’t need any prior training or expensive equipment.

You will learn,

  • How to apply a dressing to a bleeding wound
  • How to diagnose a fracture and apply an expedient splint
  • The sequence for making your escape to get better medical help.

Pre Self Defence Jonah  Testimonial

"I use public transport daily and often walk home to my apartment late at night. I have had incidents with people following me. I know now after this course how to handle the situation."

- Jonah W

The awareness skills you need to be safe, regardless of the situation and surroundings.

"I did the Ultimate Self Defence course because I feel the streets are getting more and more unsafe. Each chapter was easy to understand and made me identify dangers. I enjoyed it."

- Mary R

Pre Self Defence Mary R Testimonial

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