Pre Self Defence
Ultimate Self Defence

Ultimate Self Defence is just that; the avoidance tactics you can apply before you ever need to defend yourself.

Immediate Self Defence

We know that despite your best efforts, you can’t totally avoid danger and somebody may still attempt to assault you.

Defensive First Aid

In this course we’ll show you how to apply first aid if you’ve received an injury in a violent encounter.

What Will I Learn

About The Instructors

Ultimate Self Defence

Nathan Mullins was a Special Forces soldier for 15 years, is an Afghanistan combat veteran and worked for the United States Department of Defense on a para-military project for two years in Iraq.

He is a former police officer in Australia who worked across Melbourne's western suburbs and is currently an international security consultant for the United Nations.

He has managed the security for numerous commercial and humanitarian operations across a multitude of difficult and dangerous environments all over the world. He is an expert in risk management, avoiding victimisation and counter abduction. He currently teaches these skills to field operatives across various sectors.

Immediate Self Defence

Dr Martin Nguyen is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a life time practitioner of martial arts.

He first learnt a Vietnamese martial arts called Vo Vi Nam in Australia in 1986. He was taught how to use his hands, elbows, legs, knees and numerous traditional and modern weapons.

Dr Nguyen practiced with and without weapons. His self defence is based on the principle of between hard and soft. It includes training of the body as well as the mind and uses force and reaction of the opponent.

Dr Nguyen learnt self defence techniques against weaponless attacks like choking from behind and defense against armed attackers. He has been trained in and practices Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Yang Style Tai Chi and Vivekananda Yoga. He has used his varied experience to find the best techniques to apply to your emergency.

Defensive First Aid

Cam, our instructor is a veteran of careers in multiple agencies and has worked in hostile environments in everything from open warfare to urban street scenes.

Cam has more than 30 years in Law Enforcement, Private Security Contracting and Military Special Operations.

He brings a huge catalogue of experience from some of the most difficult and dangerous operational environments of earth. The Defensive First Aid Course was designed with input from combat medics, EMTs and Emergency First Aiders.

Do not delay your safety any further, start the Ultimate Self Defence course today.